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Internationales Verhandlungstraining

Negotiating Internationally

Achieving long-lasting Win-Win agreements with international business partners

Those who get what they want most often have discovered the power of win-win negotiating, working as a team with the other party to find a solution which is satisfactory to everybody involved. Learn to harness the Harvard Concept without making the trip to Massachusetts. The Harvard School of Business is world-renowned for training top managers. One of its best-known programs is the Harvard Method of Negotiating, which our experts and management trainers have customized to fit the requirements of business people working across borders.

  • Interactive Introduction

  • Understanding the Scope of Negotiation

  • The secret to success with the orange

  • The Harvard Concept: Step by Step

  • Practice oriented Examples of “Applying the Harvard Method”

  • Role Play Negotiations

  • Important Cultural Differences in Negotiating Techniques

  • Handling Dirty Tricks

  • Self-evaluation and Coaching for your personal Self-Improvement

  • Wrap-up, final questions, feedback

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