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Internationales Führungskräftetraining

The Leader as Coach

Helping your Employees and International Teams grow to their Potential

Effective coaching techniques can empower your employees and help them to be more motivated, take more initiative and reach their potential for their own benefit and the benefit of the company. In this seminar you will explore these and other issues in the exciting world of managerial coaching with our business coach Herb Nestler. Get the most out of your people by showing them that you respect and value them!

  • Interactive Introduction

  • The four roles of the modern leader

  • What is coaching and what it is not

  • The GROW Model Phase 1: GOAL

  • The GROW Model Phase 2: REALITY

  • The GROW Model Phase 3: OPTIONS

  • The GROW Model Phase 4: WILL

  • First coaching demonstration and exercise

  • Organizational culture

  • Feedback skills

  • Active and deep listening skills

  • Diversity and coaching

  • Second coaching exercise with analysis and lessons learned

  • Evaluating your coaching

  • Developing successfully your personal coaching style

  • Debriefing, checklist and feedback

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  • Global Teambuilding and Integration
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