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Interkulturelles Training Ausland

Doing Business Internationally

Developing strategies for better communication and profitable business relationships

This seminar will help you sharpen your management skills for the international arena by reducing the stress and irritation caused by a lack of understanding other nationalities. We aim to sensitize you to hidden aspects which play a role in business. Ultimately, this leading seminar will support you and your company in your efforts to become more successful abroad. Join us at this seminar to explore these and other issues in the exciting world of international ventures!

  • Interactive introduction

  • Defining your goals

  • Doing business abroad: Enhancing sensitivity towards the cultural variations

  • Hidden dimensions even many experienced managers do not know

  • Six lenses we use to view the world and how to use them in business

  • The cultural triangle: communication, leadership and organization

  • Presenting successfully to audiences from other countries

  • Negotiation and Selling styles in different countries

  • Managing projects internationally

  • Building the transnational team

  • Putting the pieces of the puzzle together

  • Debriefing and Feedback

Vermitteltes Fachwissen ( 57 Teilnehmernoten )
Vermittelte Fähigkeiten ( 57 Teilnehmernoten )
Inspirierende Wirkung ( 57 Teilnehmernoten )

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  • Customer-Oriented Selling Internationally
  • Negotiating Internationally
  • Presentation Skills in International Business
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